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Arterial Congestion Management


Utilicom Supply offers a unique combination of data collection, detection, video surveillance and network communication used for generating real‐time travel times and monitoring our roadways. Our “Non‐Intrusive” technologies offer the industry’s most accurate and reliable data used for Congestion Management, Travel Times, Before & After Traffic Studies, Measurement & Planning, Volume Counts, Speed Collection, and establishing Detection Zones.


Representing the industry’s latest technology in BlueTooth device tracking, we can now offer real‐time travel times better than ever before. Managing Arterial Congestion can now be simplified and more cost effective. Utilicom works hand in hand with the technologies that allow us not only to offer the most accurate travel times, but also manage that data and communicate it in a usable format that every consumer can access.

With the latest developments in wireless ethernet, hard‐wired interconnect is only optional. Let us consult with you today to provide the most Intelligent Traffic Solution from one location.

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