Atlanta, Fulton Co big winners in transportation improvements on Election Day

Posted by on Nov 9, 2016

Atlanta skyline and Fulton County

Atlanta skyline and Fulton County

Voters on Election Day in both the city of Atlanta and Fulton County approved increased sales taxes to pay for improvements in transportation. The additional funds will help to expand MARTA to its biggest level yet, and to improve roads, bridges, sidewalks and other areas of transportation need.

Some highlights of the passed measures include:

  • $2.5B to add more buses, light rail, and infill stations to MARTA
  • $300M to synchronize traffic signals, fix roads, add bike lanes and pay for other projects in Atlanta
  • $66M to buy the remaining right-of-way to complete the Atlanta Beltline
  • $655M over 5 years to transportation improvements across Fulton County

In a regional survey, Atlanta residents listed traffic as their highest concern three years running. Passing these measures proved this to be true, as the result comes four years after a regional tax increase to address metro Atlanta’s transportation woes was defeated.

These changes and improvements will be critical to keeping pace with the explosive growth of the area, and we at Utilicom Supply are excited to see the future progress to be made to the transportation infrastructure in both Atlanta and all of Fulton County.

Click here to read the full article from the AJC.